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bucks. emily's smart trip card was last used for a metro bus ride at 12:42:00 p.m. monday at georgia avenue and w streets northwest near howard university. it is unclear whether she was the passenger. >> take a close look at this flier behind me. one of many posted across the district. emily last seen wearing a purple blouse, blue jeans and a black coat. she's about 5-foot, 8 inches tall, 150 pounds and her cell phone is either turned off or the battery is dead and aside from that monday morning cup of coffee, her credit cards have not been used and either has her atm card. live in morgan, andrea mckaren, 9 news now. >> thank you, andrea. >>> new at 11, the victims of last years bloody slaying on south capitol street are being remembered tonight. loved ones as well as d.c. area clergy and police gathered in southeast d.c. to memorialize those killed. it was one year ago today when a series of street crimes and retaliations between rivals escalated leading to a drive by that killed four people. five men have been indicted for the slaying and are expected to appear in court for a statu
this. he has the plans. he knows how to fool the alarms, get us in and out like ghosts. (over radio): the thing is, he thinks like a general but he gambles like a fool. he blows through his half in six months, then gets locked up trying to rob more. the other guy took his half and started a record label. bank doubled it, no questions asked. duque gets out of jail, coming around looking for more. the way he talked to me... a different man would have killed him. know why i didn't? because of jo. i'm trying to be a better father than that. so i had a couple of my guys just drive him out of town and let him know what would happen if he came back. that was two years ago. two years nursing a grudge and planning a kidnapping. after i get jo back, i'm gonna hunt him down and i'm gonna finish this. i'm gonna lock him up and you're going to let me. (phone ringing) all right, we set? got your back, brother. in position. megan: we have the pay phone tapped. i'm gonna feed it through to you-- go. (phone continues ringing) yeah. dad? (on phone): jo. everything is going to be okay, okay? the next
to the hospital. >> i love and miss her as the rest of us would. >> a mother's emotional reaction after her daughter is killed in an accident with public works truck. >>> we're on the scene as two different fires break out at the same building at nearly the same time. . >>> two victims, two fires, one building. >> right now a little boy and a woman in the hospital after flames broke out inside a d.c. apartment. we just spoke to the firefighters, he is live with the latest on this. >> reporter: derek and aneat ashgs the 4-year-old boy was unconscious when firefighters pulled him from the first floor apartment suffering from an apparent smoke inhalation. fire and ems workers were able to resuscitate the boy. he was breathing when he was transported to the hospital in critical condition. there were four other children in the apartment, between the ages 1 and 5, they got out okay. a woman in her late 20s, early 30s was also taken to the hospital suffering from serious burns on her hands as well as smoke inhalation. firefighters believe she may have been burned rescuing the other four children.
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. good night, everybody. adam: we need a good night's sleep. kim: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over the top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. i'm feeling sleepy already. nighty night. >>> the man police believe is the east coast rapist is now behind bars. the name and face of an accused predator. >> we need closure. we need her body. >>> also why dc police are refusing to search for the body of a murder victim. an explanation of sorts coming up. >>> this is 9news now. >>> but first prince george's county police say one had to fire his gun after someone tried to run an officer over. >> it happened in clinton, maryland this afternoon. and that's where ken molestina is live tonight with the details. ken. >> reporter: yes, guys, you know the officer was trying to stop a stolen car. police say the driver of the car refused to stop, then run the officer over. shots were fired and the driver left wounded by gunfire. >> i heard gunshots. pow pow pow. i heard three shots. >> reporter: albert brooks says
as use of force. >> reporter: detectives say the driver behind the wheel of the stolen car was hit once in the arm and taken to an area hospital and is expected to be okay. the officer wasn't hurt. brooks said the neighborhood is known for crime and doesn't feel bad for what happened to the suspect. >> he was doing it with other people. fighting. stealing cars. he got what he deserved. >> reporter: meanwhile police are investigating the incident. >> we believe the officer handled himself appropriately and he was in fear for his life and made sure that himself and fellow officers went home tonight. >> reporter: and as is routine, the officer which i've been told has only been on the job about 18 months is now on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. the man shot the driver of the suspected stolen car. he's a 19-year-old male. live in george's county, ken molestina, 9news now. >>> all week long we have been talking money, money, money. tonight it continues. take a look the at the bottom of your screen. if you see your name or perhaps that of a friend, that me
but at what expense to us? >> residents fear drugs and prostitution could be dangerous consequences of bringing ex- cons into their community but the church says the whole point is to make sure the women learn how to become good neighbors. still? >> if the residents feel that strongly against it we will look at moving. >> well folks say that could sound good but it's not that easy. see the church already signed a one year lease to move into this property, so the only alternative they say is to maybe put the homeless shelter here instead of the ex- convicts. however, not before residents get their vote. they will vote on the issue yes or no in a couple of weeks. anita? derek? >> thank you, for that. >>> new at 11, a pile of bricks and wood are sitting out in front of one d.c. building. that's it there. the whole thing actually just came tumbling down. this all happened in the 2000 block of 28th street southeast just after 6:30. the second floor just collapsed into the first floor creating, well you can see it. it's a huge nasty mess. that building has been abandoned but just to make
? >> yes. >> let us hear your indian jokes. craig: not around here. well, we're done -- >> who's on tomorrow night, craig? craig: oh, who gives a -- tootsy frootsy. oh, it'sly -- -- it's matthew mcconaughey. >> he's great. craig: he is actually good. we've got a full week of guests. look, everybody, remember this, cbs cares. am i right fellows? uh-oh! [cheers and ap >>> busted. members of congress taking the heat for piling up 15 grand in unpaid tickets right here in d.c. >>> plus, a health alert. a pregnancy drug sky rockets from $10 a shot to $1500. >>> i just keep picturing him laying on the ground bleeding to death. >> only on 9, their son was killed by an allegedly drunk driver. now, a month later the accused hit and run driver is still out on the road, legally. >>> we begin tonight with a horrific drunk driving case and an intoxicated driver who killed two young men whose lives were filled with promise. >> the crash last october killed two as they crossed rockville pike. only on 9 tonight, andrea mckaren has obtained police records on the case and she's got shocking findi
pick pockets. they can walk by and steal your credit and debit card info and then use that to buy stuff. >>> also, only on 9. the legal technicality that allows convicted sex offenders to live steps away from this local school. >>> this is 9news now. >>> tonight seven convicted offenders living right in front of a place filled with children. >> and if you thought that was against the law, you might want to think again. andrea mccarren explains on a story you'll see only on 9. >> reporter: james flanigan convicted of rape and forceable sodomy in 1983. steven brester convicted of rape rape. robert conway convicted in 2001 of taking in decent liberties with a child. owen morris convicted of forceable sodomy with a minor. stacey gibbs convicted with car nal knowledge of a child 13-15 years old. robert shauny charged with taking in decent liberties with children. >> it's scary. >> reporter: according to the sex offender registry, all seven convicted sex offenders call this fairfax city motel home and it's steps away from fairfax high school. >> i think that if they had done it one time, they
attacking him. >> right now there is a new predator lurking in neighborhoods all around us. coyotes are here. and the numbers are on the rise. >>> plus topper is tracking your morning commute and a big drop in temperatures. >>> also one quiet suburb, two suspicious deaths. we're on the scene as the manhunt is on. >>> this is 9news now. >> tonight police in the normally quiet suburb of alleghany, maryland, are investigating an unusual drive by murder. >> and residents are particularly worried because of the suspicious death of an elderly man right nearby on friday. gary nurenberg is at tonight murder scene. he brings us up to death. >> reporter: police are suspicious of a man's death on friday. they say there is evidence of foul play. but there is no such uncertainty about what happened on north high street this afternoon. it was just before 4:16 p.m. when neighbors heard. >> three consecutive shots and then another shot. boom boom boom boom. >> reporter: a 41-year-old was apparently sht several times walking home from work. evidence technicians combed the road where he fell, downloaded video
>>> hello i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us this sunday night. the rain is moving out in time for the morning's commute. some flooding is happening tonight. meteorologist anny hong is in the weather center. anny, what are you seeing out there tonight? >> reporter: we're seeing rain burst and even some snow. in fact weather watchers are calling in saying it's been kind of a wet snowy day. take a look at the wintery mix. you can see the areas in purple here from frederick to leesburg, and winchester, you've got snow reporting right now. hagerstown has some snow up north. this front will be making its way into the dc area i believe around 1:00 to 2:00 in the morning. right now we're focusing on some areas of light rain -- right now we're focusing in on some areas of light rain happening out here. we also have a winter-weather advisory in effect until 2:00 monday morning, this whole area in blue for winchester, frederick county. and expecting one to three inches of snow possibly tonight in those locations. right now temperatures are cold and falling in the mid-30s through
and have access to the gun that was apparently used to kill two men? the suspect is 35-year-old royan goodlet. he's the neighbor of the 81- year-old who was found shot to death on friday. there's no reason to believe he knew the man. >> no link that we are aware of right now. a witness said he saw an older model beige camry leaving the scene. >> the suspect was arrested a that time for drug possession. >> reporter: the big question at the time, were the murders related? >> we got a break in the case with the evidence that was collected. >> reporter: shell cases at the high street shooting matched. his home was searched, and they found a bullet. >> the round was linked to the shell casings at the homicide scene. >> reporter: he was arrested. >> court records reveal that the defendant does have a history of mental illness. >> reporter: living with his parents, being supervised by the state department of mental health and mental hygiene after an earlier burglary conviction. >> there was a report in the finding that he would not be a danger to himself or otherses if released into the comm
wants these congressional cheap skates to pay up. >> i wish they would pay up because we could use the revenue. >> make you mad? >> well i don't know if it makes me mad but i want to see them pay up. now the matter has been brought to light. help us out with our big budget deficit we face the next fiscal year. >> that $15,000 in unpaid tickets is the documented amount because of federal privacy laws, not all of the plates and parking permits could be traced and one car in the regan national airport $1100 in tickets in just november and december. one car in the rayburn garage $1300 and that money is not included in the 15,000. derek and anita? >> wow, okay, thank you, gary. >>> it's spring out there. doesn't seem to matter as snow and cold rain heads our way. will it move in during your drive to work tomorrow morning? that's the big question we go to topper. >> good news. it will be dry overnight and through the morning commute unless you're commuting a little later than the average. let's start with the advisory. winter weather advisories for parts of the panhandle of west virginia
to slaughter his own people. >> and tonight the president came before the nation to make the case for u.s. military interaction saying he's kept his promise to keep our involvement limited while at the same time upholding ideals that would have been tarnished had we done nothing. the president came to answer three key questions about the conflict. >> what we've done, what we plan to did and why this matters to us. >> what we've done, said the president, is form an international coalition to stop an impending massacre after gadhafi ignored several warnings and nine days ago had his troops bearing down. >> if we waited one more day, a city nearly the size of charlotte could suffer a massacre that would have reverberated across the region and stained the conscious of the world. it was not in our national interest to let that happen. i refused to let that happen. >> hence, the no fly zone and the continuing attacks on gadhafi's forces from the air. no ground troops emphasized the president and nato takes over in two days. but if gadhafi is the problem, why not try to take him out? >> if we tr
if the victim four years ago wasn't raped with a soda bottle? what if the object used was an ultrasound wand? oh, my god. and if he used that same object on our victim this morning, that would explain the foreign female dna from the rape kit. it was a transfer from the victim four years ago. that sinks cheryl. no, not necessarily, because hospitals stopped using ultrasound gel that had dye in it because so many patients were allergic to it. let's see. what are you doing? (frustrated grunt) i'm trying to find somebody who still uses this-- thank you-- who still uses this stuff, because if we can link cheryl to an actual supply company, then we've got her. there we go, right here. calomar medical supplies. as in greg calomar? as in our reward-happy eyewitness. put greg calomar in the search engine, let's see what we get. he was in ob-gyn. and he lost his medical license because of a malpractice suit, and now he's a medical supplier. i think he's a lot more than that. let's go. immense power. scorching speed. the first phone strong enough to run on the fastest, most advanced 4g network in america.
to do to stop the current situation. >> how will japan's nuclear disaster impact us here? a team of experts reveal radiation findings and tell us if our nuclear plants need change. >>> plus, topper is tracking another round of cold rain and snow. >>> also, how apathy can kill. a crowd of metro riders ignore a man lying unconscious on the ground choosing to step over him rather than help. >> this is 9news now. >>> from the disaster in japan to the unrest in libya, america is there to help. >> most of the time but right here in our own country we see time and again examples of unconcerned selfishness. people ignoring people in pain, distress, even dying. now a recent tragedy here in washington has many wondering. are folks just too busy to care? only on 9 we talked to a man who says a life could have been saved if more people were willing to help. >> reporter: imagine going about your routine commute on the metro and you come across a man collapsed on the ground except no one is stopping to help. that's exactly what one man says happened here this this metro station. >> people did
us out of that predicament so something didn't happen. we were either going to run out of gas or my wife was going to get sick. >> reporter: it was complete gridlock. nothing was moving on the outbound lanes. but the inbound lanes were moving. so they decided to pull a you havy. they didn't get far. >> give me your license. that's it. >> reporter: they joined a line of other drivers who also made u turns, all receiving tickets. >> he was very, very arrogant. >> reporter: clark and linda were in constant communication with her boss elma. >> and i'm like what. ? she convinced them to write a letter to the park police. >> i'm 63 years old. i'm a law abiding citizen. i do not do this in my normal day. i and other motorists did not deserve this. >> reporter: they said they wrote several tickets to people cutting across the strip. >> the cars are coming southbound and they're going to be surprised by a median coming from nowhere. >> reporter: they were almost run over by someone crossing the median. still, linda thinks they went overboard and she is fighting the ticket. >> the officers sh
where we would improvise a a very awkward moment between us. but i think that's going to be difficult frankly. >> ok. so you propose i play? craig: no, you don't have to. we can do an awkward pause. would you like to awkward pause? we'll just end awkwardly? -- awkwardly. >> like what? like me standing up and sitting -- no. sitting on the other side of the chair? craig: you're catherine deneuve. i'm not here to direct you. >>, no but i -- no, but i was not prepare. >> do we have time to talk about it? craig: let's work through the scene here. i think your motivation is how do i get away from this idiot as quickly as possible? >> not really. you're wrong. [laughter] craig: oh, really? >> yeah. craig: oh. [laughter] >> i'm not a very good partner. i know big french. i'm not fast enough. i know i'm not the best partner. craig: i think you're doing just fine. [laughter] no, i think you're being very tough on yourself. you know, that is another french thing too. very self-analytical and critical. that's right. it is the other way around. >> no, no, no, no. >> you're talking
for a more lasting memorial when she learned drivers of emergency vehicles are not required to use lights and sirens when running a light or a stop sign. >> my goal was to help other people and help other families so they did not have to go through what our family had to endure as a result of a preventable accident. >> reporter: the virginia legislature has jut passed ashley's law. at red lights. >> police are now required to use and activate their lights and sirens, yield to other cars. if they decide not to use their siren, such as in a hostage situation, they must come to a complete stop. >> reporter: no more of this. >> as a mother, i wanted to do what i could to honor my daughter's life and help others. i feel ashley would certainly be very proud that we perseveered. >> reporter: ashley's law, a mother's love. the officer is no longer with the fairfax police. he has increased training for emergency operations. ashley's law is now on the governor's desk. derek. >> thanks, gary. >>> new at 11:00, a firefighter is recovering after falling nearly 15 feet from a ladder. it all happened as
. thanks for joining us. it's going to be a stormy sunday. it's going to get more intense than the rain moving in now. meteorologist anny hong is tracking the storm. >> we'll see one to three inches of rain. it many be all day on sunday. already the storm is trying to make its way into the area, mainly north of the d.c. area. here's a look at the live doppler where you can see the areas in green. this is where we're seeing light rain right now. d.c. is dry at the home but things will change overnight as you're probably going to be sleeping. right now, temperatures mild. look at these numbers. 56 and 55. mid-50s at this hour. we're not going to get that much cooler. it will be pretty mild to start your day on sunday. the rain arriving late tonight into early tomorrow morning. the heaviest i think will be sunday noon until 6:00 p.m. during the day tomorrow, one to three inches of rain expected. watch the small creeks and rivers. we'll show you how bad it could get at what time. by tomorrow morning, light rain. you can see the yellow, moderate to heavy rain. around noon hour, manassas, cul
what the outcome of it will be. >> for chuck to come forth and say that he committed perjury tells us that we're on our way to the truth and to reality. >> reporter: are you afraid to get your hopes up this time? >> cautiously but, yeah, we're never going to believe it until we have our arms around him. >> reporter: one month after ryan got his letter, there's more from erikson. another letter, this time to zellner in which erikson tries to explain his condition on the night of the crime. >> he wanted a to make sure we knew he was out of his mind on drugs and alcohol. "i was under a lot of stress and filled with a lot of pain." >> reporter: do you believe this story? >> i don't think it matters whether i believe it or not. all i know is he's saying he committed perjury. >> reporter: that erikson committed person i have the argument zellner takes to an appellate court in august, 2010, nine months after getting erikson's statement. >> it's imperive that the court realizes this is a true emergency. >> reporter: she wants the court to bend its own rules to save ryan ferguson whom she beli
for the u.s. navy. investigators have now recommended five senior officers, including a three star admiral for a career ending letter of reprimand. the former executive officer of the aircraft carrier enterprise is also seen prominently in the videos. he has been recommended for separation from the navy. the videos were filmed and shown on board the uss enterprise during deployment in the middle east in 2006 and 2007. >>> right now we're getting news that secret police are arresting hundreds of protestors ahead of tomorrow's planned demonstration. meanwhile, gadafi is warning thousands will die if forces intervene in that country's struggle. president obama insists he is considering every option. >>> and one of the two airman shot to death has ties to virginia. airman zachary cutterback was from west of fredericksburg. he died yesterday after a man boreded a bus and -- boarded a bus and opened fire. he was not on any u.s. terrorism watch list. >>> a random bag search at metro. they hoped to avoid a legal showdown. we'll see what comes to that. the union says the random searches are just pl
happening around dc at this moment. we did see disturbance go through, but it slid to the south of us. we are seeing cloudy conditions throughout and it is cold. temperatures in the 30s at this hour. all right, so how much snow are we talking about? the good news, if you don't want too much snow, models are backing off a little bit here. especially for the dc area. sunday, early morning around 6:00, 7:00, we'll see the snowfalling. and then right around half an inch of snow by sunday morning. 2 inches in culpeper. 2.3 in fredericksburg. points to the south and west of us, we'll get more of the snow. culpeper, 3 inches by sunday at noon. stanton, virginia, 5 inches. you can see dc picking up a half an inch of snow. overnight, mostly cloudy and cold. temperatures 26 to 34 degrees. a cold north wind 5 to 10 miles per hour. your wakeup weather is like this. partly cloudy, around freezing mark by 11:00 into the 40s under partly cloudy conditions. not too bad for the marathon tomorrow. we'll talk about if we have more chances of rain coming up in the seven-day forecast a little later. derek. >>
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)